MG Force Impulse Gundam Ver Kain Re-visit (M-Con 2008 Entries)

Hi everyone. This is a re-visit of my MG Force Impulse Gundam Ver Kain which I submitted for M-Con 2008. I’m sure alot of visitors who visit my blog has seen the work in Progress so I will skip that part. And present to you the Pictures taken by a fellow modeler who is so kind enough to let me use the photographs he taken to be uploaded here to share with everyone. Credits to Viper1972 from Which you can access his site where it loaded with alot of informations you need to know about in scale modeling 🙂 Do drop by and say hi to Viper1972. Ok here goes.

The award won by this Kit of mine

1: M-Con Bronze award under Sci-fic Cat
2: M-Con Merit award from

Here goes the pictures 🙂


Many thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you all at S.M.C 🙂