1/100 scale Walker Machine Gallop Type

This build is one of my entry to show my support to local scale modeling scene and it being held by Plamo Outthere where they are one of the major scale modeling forum in Singapore. You could click on the links on the side of the bar to check it out. It a very cool website that local and foreign modelers share our thoughts and ideas with.

This is my 1st time joining WOOB. I have choosen to use this kit as my entry. It a very old kit and was given to me by GreenZaku(He built the Keberos that has the title “Here be Dragons” that won BAKUC best new challenger last year. Kudos to you bro and I will be touching on this kit and you can keep your horizon eyes on this wip. It for you :wink-wink:

This kit is release by Bandai under the animation XABUNGLE. it a very old animations and I didn’t have any chance to catch it at all. And this Walker Machine is sort of like the standard mech warriors type like tank that does sentry.


Even though it a 1/100 scale, It actually very small size when competely build. There is only 2 runners and a water slide decal. The decal is still well kept


The detail on the kit is very detail also. You can actually see the smelting or grafting of parts that is hot-ironed on like those seen on actual tanks and model kits itself.





I will be doing this color scheme. It has a very Nazi’s feel to it. Can hopefully can learn more about weathering and rusting effects on this kit.


So till next time 🙂 Will update everyone on this kit WIP 🙂

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