Terminology and Acronyms used by BANDAI

Now for the ranges of model kits and grades that Bandai has release so far. In which you will see alot of terms that will be use on this Hanger when I introduce newly release kits. Hope this guide will help everyone who wanted to get their own gundam model kit 🙂

These are the different sizes of gundam related model kits release by Bandai
(Pls take note that all the scales is scaled down according to the exect height of the Mobile suits or Battle Ships taken correctly from the Animations and Novels created by the writers of Gundam series)

1/550 scales / 1/220 scales / 1/144 scales / 1/100 scales / 1/60 scales and finally 1/35 scales\
These are the different terms Bandai uses to categorize their range of Gundam related model kit

Speed Grade (SG) This range of kit are produced in the 1/200 scale and are pre-painted so it ready to be snap-fitted and display straight away.

First Grade (FG) This range of kit is usuall produce in the 1/144 scale now but in the old days it being produce in the 1/100 and 1/60 scales. The kit is usually moulded in simple colour injected kit that required Plastic cement and painted to make it look good. Articulation is also very limited. The recent FG under Gundam Seed/Destiny and Gundam OO are mouled in better details compare to their older counter parts and don’t required plastic cement to assemble together. But if you wanted it to look good you will have to do it the standard modeling way, Cement, Sand and air-brush it to detail.

High Grade (HG) This range of kit is usually release at 1/144 and some in 1/100 scales. There are also a two 1/60 High Grade release before. In all the HG kits has improved articuation and won’t need plastic cement to assemble the kit. So far it still one of the long running series release by Bandai and has spanned into different incarnation for the newer animation series. Like Gundam Seed/Destiny and Gundam OO. So they are either renamed like “HG Gundam Seed/Destiny and HG Gundam OO” For the 1/100 HG series included G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam X and Turn A Gundam.

Full Series release under the High Grade 1/100 scale
High Grade Fighting Action (Gundam Wing Series)
High Grade Gundam SEED(Gundam Seed Series)
High Grade Gundam SEED MSV (Gundam Seed Side Stories Series)
High Grade Gundam 00 (Gundam OO Series)
High Grade 1/60 scales G Gundam series and Gundam Wing
High Grade Universal Century (HGUC) is produce under the 1/144 scale and are still on-going. The differences is this series of model kits is focus solely on Universal Century Gundam Time Line.

Non Grade (NG) This selection of model kits is mainly release in 1/100 scale starting from the Gundam Seed model kit series, And the production line has move onto to the latest Gundam animation series Gundam OO. The newer NG kits like the ones from the Gundam OO feature better articulations and posabality. And are currently the main choice for new starting modelers who are drawn into the action by the recent Gundam Animation series. Another thing to note is that Bandai do release 1/60 scales NG kits also under the Gundam Seed/Destiny and the recent Gundam OO series.

Master Grade (MG) This is the Bandai flagship gundam model kit series. Release in the 1/100 scales size and current release model kits counts a total of more than one hundred and still on-going. The MG series release different Model kits from different Gundam Era Timeline. And all of the model kit release carries tons of details, articulation and Internal Frame to hold the armor pieces on the Kit.

Perfect Grade (PG)
This is one of the line that Bandai carries and they are well known as the best grades you can ever get on a model kit. Completed with LED Gimmicks and wide range of articulations and immerse detailing on the model kit. Due to it high price of productions Bandai didn’t release too many model kit under this series. But as a modeler it always a dream to at least get hold and built one of these beautiful model kit.

Universal Century HardGraph (UC HardGraph Release recently by Bandai.UC HardGraph serve as a Diorama of the war scenes inside the world of Gundam. As for scale is at 1/35. The detail of the model kit is very good and full of miniatures accessories. A must have for all Miniatures lovers

Super Deformed (SD) One of the long running line of Bandai and the kit itself is not up to any scales. It main feature is the comical design like Big head and the kit is very easy to assemble. It has so far spanned onto a few series and the latest is base on the Romance of Three Kingdom.

EX Model (EX) This series consist of different scales and are produced in very limited numbers. A fuly detail static model kit with few gimmicks but you would want to collect them as they consist of different battle-ships and other side machines beside the regular Gundams.

So this roughly sums up all the current kit Bandai has release so far in their Gundam Model Kit line. I hope this guide is able to give everyone a better understanding in the terms and grades used in Gundam Model Kit line.

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