MG Strike Gundam I.W.S.P

I really like this MG kit featuring Strike Gundam with a I.W.S.P backpack. This kit is one of the kits that takes alot of my time to built. Lots of seams lines and mold lines to clear. The gatling gun support port has the most mold lines and it was a pain to clear them. In the mid i did take some break off to do other stuffs and play some some C & C 3 games. The strike gundam face insignal was masked directly on the base that the kit comes with.Overall i managed to complete this kit in 2 months time due to alot of slacking around 🙂 LOLz

MG Strike Gundam I.W.S.P






Now that is one of my Fav Mobile suit from the Gundam Seed Era 🙂

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