MG Force Impulse Ver K (Work In Progress)

Got this MG from Bernard a while ago. I have been procrastinating on that I will not be getting this but due to the Internal Frame this kit has and to me it sort of a preview of the upcomming RX-78 Ver 2.0 ( Yeah I’m a Lover of the old UC gunpla and Zeonpla LOLZ ). So I started this a few days ago. Progress is slow due to the amount of commission work that I have to clear so only have a day maybe 1 to 2 hours to work on my kit, Further more the SMC is kicking off operation soon on this 13th of July so it gonna be a very busy month for me and also I’m in the mid of doing my Bakuc project for this year. sweat.gif It almost done but still need a little tweaking. So I be putting that aside till further news from Sheng Tai on their announcement date of Bakuc 2008.

Ok here is the review I had for this kit while working on it.

MS Force Impulse Mini review

The frame use by this kit is almost the same as all the frame use by the Seed series. Mainly the Strike Freedom frame. The arms and Legs are almost the same. The only difference is the Main Upper body and lower torso. The middle intersection is not entirely hollow. The connector point is the four mini hydraulics that connect the upper torso to the lower torse with a small hollow section to house the core fighter. Only the main cockpit intersection will be connected onto the upper and lower torso. The rest will be outside the body. When without the outer armor piece it will be very protruding but after the armor has been place on. The protruding section of the core fighter won’t be that much smile.gif So Kudos to Bandai for making this design. But articulations on the torso won’t be as solid as the MG Destiny. No bending forward or backward in the centre of the torso. But it remove the overall fat looking torso that the NG or the old RX-78 has to offer smile.gif I will update more on this review when i built further smile.gif

Now for the modding I have done. Overall the proportion of the frame is good. So I had to work on the armor as there is nothing I can do to make the torso bend forward or backward without “wasting” the core fighter. So i skip that section and work on the “cosmetic” outlook of the armor. This is what I have done to on the upper body

From the left….

From the right….

Now for a close up on the chest. I have made some changes to the left and right upper chest armor pieces. As it molded in one piece. As I would want to show off the internal frame as I will use star bright silver on it to make it shine. So I had to remove the one piece molding and break it into different level. On the right upper armor I have remove the upper portion and make it separated attachement piece. And have added some detail piece under it

The upper chest armor I have added some Koto parts and some panel lines on it to make it more mechanical. I choose to make the panel line slightly different from the left and right so it will show a slight difference between them smile.gif No sense but kinda like it LOLZ. The shoulder armor piece is nicely molded and detailed. So I just gave it a few panel lines to make it look seperated smile.gif

Now onto the arms armors
You you all can see, I have added a hover groove onto the upper arms unit as when it flying without combining into a gundam. It can still land. As it don’t have wheels to land the unit. So a hover groove will make a little sense to it when it needed to land

From the back…

On the lower side of the torso…

These are the modification I have did in order to show off the upper internal frame.

Now for the Lower legs frames mods that I have did. As for the upper thighs I have done some cutting to allow the internal frame to be expose yet still maintain the gimmick for it to move. And some of the lower legs armor has been cut off to show the lower legs frame. Will be doing more detailing to it once I have done all the cutting.




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