Katoots 2nd OOB Champion Crossbone Pirate Gundam

Katoots.com a local forum has been promoting Plastic Modeling for the past few years and had held a few competitions in the past. During the year 2007 Katoots.com has organize a Gundam Plastic Model Kit Competition known as the “OOB” (The term OOB refer to Out Of Box. Meaning there must not be any modifications to the model kit itself) This is the 2nd OOb competition Katoots has held. Upon seeing this as a chance to help out the plastic modeling community I when thru my gundam model kits stash and pick up this Gundam Crossbone Ver Ka. As I have always like Katoki Hajime’s design. I started my building phrase on this kit and the time given by the forum is 9 months. So i took this time to pick up a few commission jobs along the way while building it. This kit took me a total span of 6 months to complete. The Custom base that hold the Crossbone Gundam has a Skull insignal masked sprayed on it to give it the touch and hence the name Crossbone Pirate. So I bring down this kit during the competition day and when the result was being announce by the Organizer. I have won the Katoots OOB Grand Champion and the Best Of Show Award. 2 medals were won by this Corssbone Pirate that I have done. So I would like to take this chance to share my joy with everyone here 🙂

Katoots 2nd OOB Champion Crossbone Pirate Gundam





I was offered by a few collectors who would like me to let go of this kit for their personal collection but I have turned them all down as up till this day this kit has be become a signature of my pre-shading style. So in the years to come I will still be holding on to this kit and hopefully I’m able to pass on my knowledge to my students so they can have their own signature model kit they can called for their own 🙂

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