Hasegawa VF-0S Reactive Armor

Hi everyone. Just to share with everyone my one of my recent Commission Job from one of my customer. I have been working on this Hasegawa kit for quite sometime and I have finally completed it a few weeks ago. Overall the height of this kit is quite tall compare to the regular Gundam plastic model kit that I have built so I quite enjoy the process in building this. And the way of building it and the shortcuts in painting the kits is quite different from the standard Gundam Model kits too. But despise all the detail on the kit. The articulations and movable gimmicks is still far far away from Bandai. Hopefully Bandai’s Macross Frontier kit will be at this size of Hasegawa and the articulation of Gundam

Without the chest armor on( The rest is all armored-claded as they can’t be removed as it hollow. The arms can be removes but there are 2 pegs on the side of the arms that make it look ugly without the arms armor on. I actually wanted to pre-shade this kit but due to the customer’s request for it to be painted clean. No weathering and shading. So it ended up looking more old school anime type rather than the weathered mecha machine shown inside Macross Zero 🙂

Enjoy 🙂





Now with the reactive armor on 🙂 Full blast mode LOLz


Now I place it side by side with a 1/100 MG RX-78. You can roughly gauge how big this VF-0S kit is 🙂


Till next time 🙂 I will do an official announcement when my new club is set up 🙂

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