Gundam Kyrios 1/100 NG

Hi everyone. I have been quite busy setting up my own plastic modeling club that I have taken quite a while sorting out all the infos and purchases needed to set up the new club. My old workshop is closing down as the owner is facing some trouble sorting his stuffs out. I was feeling very sad as I was one of the longest members around there and are the only instructor there that teached Gunpla. But never the less I have found a new place and will be shifting there by June. So hope to see more people coming in and join me in my conquest for plastic modeling as I’m trying my best to help the plastic modeling committee to grow. So do drop by and say hi to me when I set up my new club in my new workshop πŸ™‚

So this is one of my new work. The GN-003 Kyrios from Gundam OO and it at the 1/100 scales.

GN – 003 Gundam Kyrios Mobile Suit mode



This is the Kyrios Plane Mode. The original cockpit is jus a huge pile of plastic and It quite ugly. So I have scratch built a cockpit into it. As the Gundam Pilot don’t sit inside there and the official info is there is a sensor built inside the cockpit so I took this idea and make a array sensor inside it to make it looks like what you have seen inside the animations.


A close up on the cock pit


Till then when I have confirm the opening of my new workshop πŸ™‚ Do drop by and I will release the address of the location soon πŸ™‚ Cya all in June πŸ™‚

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