Blitz Gundam

This is one of the commission job that i have receive from a young chap who is going for his NS soon. He was asking for help in painting his kit up at one local forum and he founded me. His has a wish when he comes by to the workshop. When he saw my work display at the workshop he finally have decided to approach me and ask me to build his model kit for him. He wanted me to give it the very look that i have done for most of my kit which is the different pre-shading styles that I have develop And i did and also help this young chap grant his wish. I promise him i will give him his Blitz gundam within 2 weeks time which i usually don’t as it take time to built and prepare the model kit for painting.

And the 2nd week he arrived he received this kit with joy 🙂 I’m glad that I’m able to fufill his wish 🙂 And from since he has become one of my long term customer ever since. This kit is a 1/100 scale NG kit release by Bandai under the Gundam Seed series

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