Anubis GN-X Unit 00

Hi guys.
SMC is holding a GN-X group build which will be display at M-workshop’s annual Scale Modeling Competition Called M’Con. So SMC has gather around 30 modelers from the club to do this mess group build to show our support to local scale modeling community.

These few weeks the weather is very bad, Always raining cats and dogs so finally today I managed to get this little bugger done Finally finish all the painting on this kit. I’m naming it Anubis Gn-X.

As it belongs to the unknown group I think i could add some major differences to the kit itself without taking away the 4 eyes on it face and the X on it body.
For more info on
Some modification is done like adding the horn on the head, Extending the shoulders of the kit to house the extra pair of arms i managed to salvage from my other kits. I have painted the spare arms in bronze colour to signify that the arms unit it more of a extra weapon pack that the Anubis can take upon. Actually during the planning phase I have design a bike/horse look alike from my old kits parts but later i gave up the idea as it makes no sense to have a GN-X ride a horse or bike LOLZ. Also done some detailing to the overall kit itself like the extra exhaust outlet on the internal gn-drive and some other outer armor parts of the kit itself.

If you had notice I had added some semi-hieroglyphs on the major parts of this GN-X itself. The hieroglyphs is not accurate but it just to give it a feel of egyptian itself. I will still have to work on the weathering so the art work will blend in. Another thing to note it after I have managed to fixed the kit up the 1st time after painting. It somehow gave me a feeling it looks like a Armored Core kit LOLZ.

So far this is the update and i will do the panel lines and decals after this weekend as there are the airbrushing course coming up this Sunday 🙂 It gonna be a busy weekend everyone :). So I shall not keep everyone waiting. This is my Anubis GN-X and it going to bear the code number 00

Anubis GN-X









Hope everyone like it 🙂


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