1/6 Scale Female Guyver

Hi everyone. I have been busy working on the mess group build for my friend’s year end Competition called the M’Con. I have gather the members from SMC to start this group build and it will consist of only GN-X 1/144 scale from the Gundam OO series. So while busy with all these I’m also in the mid of completing my BAKUC competition piece. So in the mean time I also took some time out to work on some kits which is not Gunpla related 🙂 I’m used to work on Vinyl and Resin kit before I start Gunpla a long time ago. So in order to prevent myself from burning out from Gunpla I took some time to search for vinyl and resin kits from one of the SMC participant model kit shop and pick up this solid Female Guyver kit. It quite tall and standing 1/6 scale 🙂 It didn’t come with a base so I build a custom base for her to stand 🙂 I will do a more in-depth Work In Progress on my next Vinyl Kit so everyone can have a better understand on how to construct vinyl kits for a change 🙂






That all everyone. Now for a simple hint on the next Vinyl kit that I’m going to work on. It comes in silent and invisible….. 🙂 Happy guessing 🙂

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